Managing you pet’s weight through a healthy diet and active lifestyle is one of the best ways to prevent the onset of joint problems.

For temporary relief of your dog’s aches and pains, use Hartz® Aspirin Care along with regular use of Hartz® Joint Care.

Hartz® Joint Care for Dogs and Cats

Hartz® Joint Care for Dogs and Cats with Glucosamine and Vitamin C helps supports hips, joints, healthy bone structure and cartilage for a healthier, more active life.

Especially helpful for senior dogs experiencing soreness or stiffness from normal everyday activity

Hartz® Joint Care is specially formulated to help maintain mobility in dogs and cats of all ages. Available in a chewable natural seafood flavored tablet that can be given as a treat, or simply crushed and added to your pet’s food.

Symptoms of joint pain can include difficulty in climbing stairs, reduced activity and difficulty getting up from the sitting position.

Hartz® Joint Care Health Benefits

Helps maintain healthy joints. Over time, your pet’s joints can begin to break down. Joint Care helps by supporting strong bone structure, cartilage, and synovial fluid that cushions joints during movement.

May help in weight management. Dogs and cats with healthy joints tend to stay more active. An active pet is often a more fit pet.